Prakash Satyavageeswaran

Doctoral Candidate, Marketing
Indian School of Business

As a manager with about a decade and a half of experience, my motivation to get into research was to find answers to questions that had proved elusive in my past life. With substantial experience in customer and consumer acquisition and management, I leveraged my innate curiosity and desire to contribute by asking the right questions and finding the appropriate method to answer them.

My current research is helping me develop and apply my research skills and marketing knowledge. I plan to leverage my education and my consumer marketing experience, especially in the rural, bottom of the pyramid, and vulnerable populations segment, to develop a research pipeline on marketing based solutions that deepen our understanding on how to reach, add value to, and benefit customers and consumers in unique contexts, and benefit from them.

The purpose of research is creation of knowledge. The knowledge thus created needs to be disseminated. Publishing in peer reviewed journal is one manner of dissemination. The other important manner of disseminating cutting edge knowledge created by oneself or by others, is teaching. Thus, teaching is, for me, the culmination of the endeavor that begins with the research question. My teaching philosophy is to empower students with cutting edge actionable knowledge; the content has to be rigorous while the delivery needs to be engaging with a focus on application.